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Care for COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus has caused a great deal of disruption in our world and Expree recognizes this may have touched many of our members in a very real way. As a way to help our members during this difficult time we have decided to defer ALL loan payments for the months of April & May. Yes, you are reading that right, two months of payments deferred.

As long as you are current on your loan payments, you are eligible for this deferment. You DO NOT have to send in any form or do anything for this deferment to take place unless your loan is a mortgage loan or a line of credit. If you wish to skip your mortgage or line of credit payment please contact our loan department to complete the appropriate paperwork.

If you want to continue to make your loan payment(s), as usual you are more than welcome to. Please complete this form if you still wish to make a payment on your loan(s).

Please be aware if your payment is being payroll deducted from your check or is being transferred from another financial institution, your deduction or transfer will not be stopped. Your payment will go to your Expree primary savings account and will be available for withdrawal. Interest will continue to accrue on your loan and this will affect your maturity date.

If you are still facing financial distress due to our current situation, please don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Hand-crafting solutions for all of our member’s needs is our commitment to you.

Here are some additional options to assist you:

• Free financial counseling and budget coaching is available to members through our partners at GreenPath.
Call 877.337.3399 to discuss possible solutions or see our web portal at for more information on programs.

• Short-Term Assistance Loans are available to members based on need.

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