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Expree Credit Union was founded in 1938 as the Kentucky Employees Credit Union, or KECU — a not-for-profit cooperative to provide state employees with convenient savings and low-interest credit. People helping people. For the last 85 years, every decision has been guided by the financial well-being of our members. And unlike a traditional bank, our earnings are returned to members like you.

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Today, our members are not only state employees. They are public sector workers, college students, professors, residents of Central Kentucky, and family members. To better represent our membership, we chose to adopt a new name — Expree Credit Union.

Our name captures the spirit of our organization. It reflects the people who work and bank here, and speaks to our promise to deliver hand-crafted solutions for all your financial needs. We believe our new name puts us in the best position for long-term growth. And growth means more products, more services, and better rates on savings and loans for our members.

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Care & craft. It’s the recipe for good bourbon and good banking.

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