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FINANCIAL FOCUS: What is this Big Change?

If you’ve been inside the credit union or received your quarterly statement, maybe you’ve wondered about all this “Big Change” business. 2018 is a big year for your credit union! Not only does 2018 mark our 80th birthday, but we’re also working to bring about big change for our members!

We will be closed Saturday, March 31st, to transition our data processor. As a result, members will have access to a brand new, super easy internet banking and mobile banking experience!

The best part? One username and password for our mobile app and internet banking, one interface from device to device. Gone are the days of trying to remember which password or username works for what. Along with a more unified mobile and internet experience, members will have the ability to customize their display, push notifications, alerts, and more.

Because the conversion from one data processor to another will take place over the course of a weekend, we hope the adjustment isn’t something you’ll even notice, as our goal is to minimize any disruptions in your regular banking habits.

How will you be affected? You’ll notice during the weekend of March 30th through April 1st that MoneyLine Automated Teller and our Internet & Mobile Banking will be unavailable. Access will resume that Monday, April 2, at regular opening hours.

As we get closer to launching the new banking experience, tune in by reading our blog, following our Facebook, or checking out our website – which will outline all the important updates and feature newly released tutorials for things like checking your balance, transferring funds, making payments on loans, and more.

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