No Room for Racism

To our members,

Expree Credit Union has existed for over 81 Years and during this time we have served the needs of our members first and foremost. We take seriously the responsibility of financial leadership as we invest and support many local programs that add value to our community. We are proud to be a fair housing lender that does not tolerate discrimination in any manner. The entire financial industry has an obligation to make decisions based upon the character of the client and not the color of the skin or any other differences or stereotypes.

We want to insure our state and nation remain focused on continuous improvements when it comes to social justice. We have seen the recent tragedies and the impact they have had on so many lives. As we reflect on the social unrest and civil rights demonstrations of the 1960’s, the one thing that changed the mindset of many Americans was television. When people saw peaceful demonstrators beaten, shot, and chased by dogs they spoke up and demanded change. Today it is the cell phone that is capturing social injustice and the same reaction has stirred the world to say enough.

Expree is committed to stand for justice and we mourn the losses of so many African Americans who died unnecessarily for reasons that defy humanity. Black lives do indeed matter and we want to state our support for dialog and conversations that will bring our nation and communities together. As Governor Beshear has said, “We have to do Better”.

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