Personalized loans for
anything life brings.

Whether you are planning for a vacation or covering unplanned expenses, we give your goals our full attention.
And we have personal loans made just for you.

Home Improvement Loans

Finish projects around the house or take on spring cleaning — without tying up your home equity.

Vacation Loans

Take a vacation when you need it.

Signature Loans

Consolidate your debt or get help with personal expenses.

Open-Ended Line of Credit

Establish a line of credit, and give us a call when you need a little help for those big purchases. We’ll issue a check or deposit the funds into your account.

Personal Loan Rates

Current rates as of January 3, 2019

Type Rate
Line of Credit 9.50%
Signature Loans 9.50%
Vacation Loans 9.50%
Home Improvement 9.50%

All rates are based on individual credit history. Your actual rate may be higher. APR = Annual Percentage Rate.

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Not a Guarantee of Credit

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