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Bourbon Barrels

Understanding Credit Score Changes

Let’s take a second to talk about Credit Scores and why they may vary when you pull them from different places. First off, there are 4 great sources to check your credit score online. They are:

If you are a member at Expree, you can also use the “My FICO Score” feature in our mobile app to check your score. Similar to a bottle of bourbon, each site will have a slight variation in your score. Now, take a second to think about a bottle of bourbon, it is created with the same process from batch to batch. It also is bottled the same for each batch. Now, think of your score as a batch of bourbon. The process is the same, and yet it can have a different flavor from the next batch or the one before it. Credit scores are similar to this. These sites have various sources and don’t all pull from the same batch. This can cause a slight variation in your score (or the flavor of the bourbon). If your score has a drastic change, that is something that needs to be addressed and further researched. So, the next time you check your score, take a second to see how much it has changed. It might be as simple as a difference in batches.

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