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At Expree, we know that running a business can be stressful, empower your employees to regain control of their financial health with our help. We are really good listeners and we’re obsessed with finances so you don’t have to be. The best part is that it is all for FREE! Want to help your employees discover how to tone their debt, strengthen their savings, and keep their credit score in tip-top shape with a quick lunch and learn session on site? We can help with that! We want to help provide you and your employees with access to quality checking accounts, current credit scores, credit cards, and affordable home and auto loans. Our staff is here to help you reach your financial goals. It’s a knock-out service!

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Why is our checking account so great? Well, we don’t charge monthly fees to maintain your checking account. You can also make a deposit, loan payment, or transfer from almost anywhere in the country.

Home Loan

We can help you buy your dream home, one step at a time. Let’s sit down and talk about what is right for you.

Auto Loan

Is it time to retire your car and purchase a new one? That’s great! Our auto loan rates are easy to set up and incredibly affordable.

Credit Check

When was the last time you checked your credit? Let us help you with that. Not only can you check your credit, but you can also sit down with one of our specialists to create a plan to strengthen your current credit score.

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