Expree Youth Program

A youth account program crafted for busy families.

Prepare Them for the Real World Today

Little Saver Program

From enrollment, to everyday transactions, Little Saver members get first-hand banking experience.

  • Fun tools to teach financial responsibility
  • Instant ATM Card
  • Log their transactions in their fun savings tracker
  • Welcome Gift

Spirited Saver Program

Help your teen learn money management skills as they transition into young adults.

  • Instant Debit Card
  • Send money to your teen – anytime, anywhere
  • No trip to the ATM, no cash, no hassle
  • Setup alerts for spending, deposits, and more
  • Debit card control at the your fingertips
  • Welcome Gift


Encourage expression by customizing your child's debit/ATM card

Auto pilot their allowance. Weekly or monthly, set it and forget it.

Real time alerts. Don’t miss a thing. Notifications any time the card is used and more.

Have their back. Add funds instantly, anytime, anywhere.

Set limits. Debit card controls right at your fingertips.

No Hassle. No trip to the ATM, no cash.

Set Them Up for Financial Success

Give your kids and teens a financial head start. Sign them up for an account crafted to help them develop smart financial habits. Introduce them to banking and get them on a path towards a thriving financial future.

Want to know all the ways Expree can help you start investing in your kid’s future? Youth Month is always a good time to start! If you want to equip your kids with the tools to be financially secure adults, now is a great time to start a savings and/or checking account. Seeing money go in and out of an account can really drive home lessons about money management! Some great signs to look for if you are considering opening an account for your child include…

Savings Accounts
• They’re curious about money
• Their piggy bank is overflowing
• They have a savings goal

Checking Accounts
• They’re responsible
• Their school doesn’t teach personal finance
• All their cash is stuffed in their wallet

If you open a youth savings account or youth share certificate in
the month of April, we’ll enter your name in a drawing for a prize.

Ready to Get Started?

Set up an account online or stop by Expree with the following:

  • Member application (min. $5 deposit)
  • Valid government-issued photo ID (parent’s ID)
  • Social Security Card
  • Legal guardianship documents (if applicable)
  • Parent/legal guardian members (if currently a non-member)
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