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FINANCIAL FOCUS: 6 Back to School Savings Tips

6 Back to School Savings Tips
Saving can sometimes feel like a struggle, right? Especially when it’s back to school time for you or your kids. If school supplies lists are causing your back to school blues, then say no more: just check out our top six tips for back to school savings.

1. Thrift is the New “New” – New clothes are still new if they’re new to you or your little ones. Thrifting clothes and shoes is not only budget-conscious, but environmentally conscious as well. Before you hit up department stores, hit up local thrift and consignment stores or check into community swap meets to see what you can find there first.
2. Opt for Free Finds – Many high school and college texts can be downloaded for free at Gutenburg.org, so you can skimp on making a hardback purchase.
3. Research & Reuse – It’s no news that college text books can pack a punch to your pay check. Research used copies of text books online and check with teachers to find out if older versions of the texts can be purchased instead of the most recent. This tip could save you big bucks on yours or your college student’s next book store venture!
4. Reusable Round Up – You might be surprised at the supplies you already have hidden in your house, perhaps leftover from the previous school year or semester. Take a look around your home and see what’s available before going out to buy new.
5. Budget Your Buys – Set a budget for yourself or your kids and stick to it. It may seem simple, but sometimes specialty items are cause for splurge and budgets get unbalanced, fast. Know your limit and be unwavering.
6. Bulk Up – If it’s something you need a lot of, consider buying in bulk and weigh the cheaper option over time.
Sometimes back to school buying can be a bit much regardless of your tactics for curbing those costs. For that, Expree offers a back to school signature loan. Call, come by, or go online to apply!

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