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FINANCIAL FOCUS: Why Millennials Are All About Credit Unions

With International Credit Union Day on the horizon, we’re happy to tout the benefits of joining a credit union, through the lens of an entire generation – here’s a few reasons why millennials are all about credit unions.

Member-friendly and inviting
Credit unions are known for making their communities stronger. Also, membership criteria for credit unions are more open now than ever – so services that were once affiliated only with a certain group is now open to basically everyone.

Helpful and humble
In the realm of financial institutions, Credit Unions carry the torch of financial education and are eager to educate members as they’re making major financial decisions. And did we mention credit unions are not for profit? Meaning profits go back to the members through better rates and lower fees.

Easy to work with
Traditional brick-and-mortar banks can sometimes be perceived as stodgy and cold, whereas credit unions are known for elevated service and easy-to-do-business reputation. Likewise, more credit unions are also offering streamlined online and mobile banking experiences previously associated with bigger banks, hold the distant-attitudes.

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