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FINANCIAL FOCUS: Dangers of Store Credit

With a surge in shopping due to holidays, you’ve probably heard it a multitude of times recently: “If you open a credit card with us today you’ll save 20% off of your total purchase right now!” The temptation to sign on the dotted line for the instant discount and pay-later feature is right in front […]

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FINANCIAL FOCUS: 5 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Scammers

Because last week was National Tax Security Awareness Week and many people are gearing up for the biggest shopping season of the year, bear in mind that scammers are gearing up too. Through phishing emails and other malware, fraudsters seek to gain easy access to your information. That’s why we’re delivering 5 tips for avoiding […]

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FINANCIAL FOCUS: 4 Tips for a Frugal Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is upon us, and the cost involved in throwing a fantastic feast can sometimes come as a shock, even though we know the holiday happens every year. This year, don’t be caught unaware and utilize these four tips for a frugal turkey day: Don’t over prepare. Although Thanksgiving is notorious as the holiday for […]

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FINANCIAL FOCUS: 4 Ways to Reduce Your Card Fraud Risk

According to Credit Union Magazine, plastic card fraud could increase by as much as 45% by 2020, reaching $31.67 billion worldwide, quoting statistics from The Nilson Report. What does this mean for you? Doubling down on protecting yourself against risks associated with fraud.

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