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FINANCIAL FOCUS: 4 Tips for a Frugal Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is upon us, and the cost involved in throwing a fantastic feast can sometimes come as a shock, even though we know the holiday happens every year. This year, don’t be caught unaware and utilize these four tips for a frugal turkey day: Don’t over prepare. Although Thanksgiving is notorious as the holiday for […]

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FINANCIAL FOCUS: 4 Ways to Reduce Your Card Fraud Risk

According to Credit Union Magazine, plastic card fraud could increase by as much as 45% by 2020, reaching $31.67 billion worldwide, quoting statistics from The Nilson Report. What does this mean for you? Doubling down on protecting yourself against risks associated with fraud.

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FINANCIAL FOCUS: 4 Must-Know Roth IRA Factoids

With many looking toward retirement, the tune of growing your money in a tax-free account sounds pretty sweet, right? Roth IRAs as part of your retirement plan could be ideal – but knowing a bit about them can help you head toward your golden years in confidence and avoid some costly pitfalls.

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