Scams on the Rise

Have you or a loved one ever been contacted by phone, email or text from someone pretending to be a person you know? Or, someone pretending to be an official from a well-known business, your favorite charity, a lawyer, a celebrity, a romantic interest or a family member with an emergency? Or, maybe someone has […]

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Welcome sign

Reopening Lobby Restrictions

As our lobby reopens, things will look a little different as we continue to place a strong focus on the safety of our community, employees, and members. New Reopening Safety Precautions • Decals on the floor have been placed to help maintain 6 feet of distance between members. Members will be asked to stay on […]

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No Room for Racism

To our members, Expree Credit Union has existed for over 81 Years and during this time we have served the needs of our members first and foremost. We take seriously the responsibility of financial leadership as we invest and support many local programs that add value to our community. We are proud to be a […]

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MOther and Son working

The Benefits of Expree’s Internet and Mobile Banking

One of the biggest boosts to modern living has been the arrival of internet banking. It’s convenient. It’s free, and it can make your financial life easier to manage for years to come. Internet and mobile banking services have become routine for many, but are you taking advantage of all the ways that Expree’s digital […]

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