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Holiday Help Is Here

Set yourself free financially. Need a little extra jingle in your pocket to share the spirit? Expree’s Holiday Loan is hand-crafted to help you out this holiday season! Holiday expenses have a way of creeping up on us. According to the National Retail Federation, the average shopper spent $1,048 during the 2019 winter holiday season. […]

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Five Easy Ways to Save

It’s not just happenstance that your monthly expenses always seem to equal what salary you’re making even after you get a raise. The marvel can creep up on you and essentially keep you from reaching all sorts of financial goals from saving for retirement, to paying down debt. One way to prevent this from happening […]

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Skip Your Payment

Skip the stress and keep the dough! Make more memories this holiday season by skipping a monthly payment for a small fee on your qualifying Expree loan. To be eligible for this skip payment offer, you must: 1. Be a member in good standing – no late payments in the last year. 2. You must […]

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Swipe & Save With Cash $tash

Saving has never been so easy!! Put Your Spare Change to Good Use! Expree Cash $tash is designed to help you save for that rainy day, larger purchases, vacation, retirement, or any savings goal you might set. Cash $tash requires little effort to start saving. Here’s how it works: 1. Enroll in Expree Cash $tash […]

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