Saving for summer Vacation

Vacation Club Account

Save throughout the year, and be ready for a relaxing vacation without relying on credit cards. A Vacation Club account helps you set aside funds each month or every pay period to spend on your vacation.  To make it easier, you can set up direct deposit from your primary checking account directly into your vacation […]

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Take Advantage of Early Payroll Release With Direct Deposit

Members with Direct Deposit will have access to their payroll funds the night prior to their regular payroll day as long as we receive the information from their employer on our file. Deposits from apps such as Venmo and CashApp will be processed daily. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to […]

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Setup E-Alerts

Setting up E-Alerts through internet banking will give you real time (live) alerts so that you are notified as soon as an action happens. In addition to standard overdraft alerts you can customize alerts for a number of scenarios such as a direct deposit, loan payments, specific checks and much more. The best part is […]

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