Keep a little extra cash in your pocket.


Skip a monthly payment on your qualifying Expree loan and keep a little extra cash in your pocket.

To be eligible for this skip payment offer, you must:
1. Be a member in good standing – no late payments in the last year
2. Have had your loan opened for 90 days
3. Inform Expree in writing 15 days in advance of your due date
4. Not have skipped a payment already during the calendar year

If eligibility requirements are met, you may skip all loans except for mortgage, home equity line of credit, line of credit, VISA, workout and tax loans. Loan types eligible are signature/consumer loans, consolidation loans and auto loans. Please be aware if your payment is being payroll deducted from your check or is being transferred from another financial institution, your deduction or transfer will not be stopped. Your payment will go to your Expree savings account and will be available for withdrawal. Please note a $20 fee will be assessed for each skipped loan payment.

Other restrictions may apply. Fees subject to change.

To apply electronically click here.

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